Viração publishes new edition about Independent Media and Youth

The most recent edition of Viração Magazine has just been launched! With the colaboration of teenagers from 9 cities in Brazil, the publication number 110 talks about the growing Independent Media movement and the role of teens in this new form of comunication.

The whole magazine shows how the many groups of teenagers, acording to their different realities and dificulties, have used new media resources to empower their needs and ideals, with criativity and political participation.

Bruno Ferreira, magazine´s editor, explais that the Virajovens network chose this theme due to their political engagement around the human right to comunication and the democatization of the media. “Most of the Virajovens take part in the National Network of Youngs Comunicators, that, apart from producing content, has been establishing conections with lots of independent media groups in the country”. He also says that they have been fighting for a more democratic comunication in Brazil, participating in political spaces.