Viração publishes guide for young participation

It is fundamental in our lives to take part in the decisions that surround us. From choosing the tv channel to watch with the family, to deciding how things will be done in our school, neighbourhood, city and country.

The right to participate is guaranteed by law to all people throug right for free expression, manifestation right, right to vote… Adolescents and young people are included in this rights. They can take part in decisions in political decisions wherever they are, and it´s important that this right is well exercised, in order to defend youth interests.

That´s why Viração and Unicef have produced this Practical guide for Youth Participation (in portuguese). In this material you can find informations, tips and ideas about how young people can take part in actions in their comunity, city and country. There, you can also find information about youth rights, how to exercise them and claim them to the government.

The publishing is part of the PCU (Urban Centers Platform) project, created by Unicef to reduce inequalities that affect boys and girls in the cities,  fulfilled by São Paulo’s Town Hall and the City Concil for Children and Youth Rights, in partnership with Viração.