900 adolescentes de SP se envolvem em campanha sobre internet segura

Last Friday, 08/19, about 900 teenagers from three public schools Grajaú region gathered at CEU Navegantes for a special activity: watching a fun and interactive super talk with two representatives of Google Brazil, which covered topics related to the conscious use of the internet. After 1h30 dialog and games with the Google team, it was the turn of Viração to interact with the crowd.

The proposal to participate in this time of training was to sensitize these teenagers to be multipliers of the conscious use of the internet among their peers. So we were challenged at the end of the lecture, to design, in groups of five teenagers, a campaign on one of five topics covered in the lecture: think before you share, protect your things: secure passwords, online fraud, seeking information on internet and digital citizenship: legal.

The Vira was responsible for guiding about 150 groups formed to formulate an initial proposal campaign, which will be produced in different languages, all of them chosen by the students. In addition, the team Viração must mobilize groups and school teachers to engage in this production, providing teaching materials and distance mentoring on how to produce the campaign’s communication parts and mobilize people around the proposals. For this, the communication on Facebook and Whatsapp with this crew will be crucial in the coming days!

Google workshop at CEU Navegantes is part of the program # GeraçãoDigital – teens safe on the Web, the Google project, held in Brazil in partnership with UNICEF and technical partnership Viração, which is already in its second year. In 2015, they participated in a training and campaign challenge about 100 adolescents six educational institutions in São Paulo. This year, the number of teenagers formed was 900 in two periods: a part of the morning and the other in the afternoon.

The groups must submit their productions to Google until September 20. A panel formed by Google, UNICEF and Viração should evaluate campaigns and announce the winning group on 10 October. Each member of the winning group will receive as a prize a smartphone.