Live Better Knowing Young

(Viva Melhor Sabendo Jovem)

Live Better Knowing Young (VMSJ, portuguese initials) is a health strategy that aims increasing the acess from adolescents and young people to HIV testing. It is executed by means of reception, referral and adherence to the treatment for the reactive public, as well as the acess to information about prevention and self care, through extra testing between couples.

The strategy formation aiming young people is a Unicef´s initiative. In São Paulo, it is executed by the City´s  Health Concil, and Viração´s partnership.

The project started in 2015 and came back in 2016. It works through comunication actions and urban interventions in vans around the city. During the actions, free oral fluid tests anti-HIV are executed, and prevention resourses are distributed. The testes are done by young agents, trained by the city´s program on STD´s and aids. They are also part in Viração´s education programs.

Between October and December, 2016, 14 interventions were accomplished, with 20 to 25 tests in young people each. During these 3 months, 329 tests were made, most of them in young people up to 29 years old.  

Youth Generation (Geração Jovem)

The project Youth Generation (Geração Jovem) is executed in partnership with the renewable energy company, ENEL Green Power, and aims to contribute for the local development of quilombolas communities in Campo Formoso and Bom Jesus da Lapa, in Bahia, and in São João do Piauí, in Piauí. Viração´s strategy in the program works through processes, actions, communication products, and social mobilizations focusing on adolescents and young people.

Through meetings and workshops, the young quilombolas  produce information about their communities and cities, in order to occupy debate spaces, and create the change. In that way, the youth finds its active place and identity in their territory. 

Vira Prevention (Vira Prevenção)

The project Vira Prevention aims to promote the prevention of the HIV vírus between adolescents in public schools of São Paulo. It is executen in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD). In its first fase, it promotes meetings and workshops in city schools.

During the meetings, middle school students debate youth and human rights, gender and sexuality, reproductive and sexual rights, sexualy transmitted diseases (STD) and HPV.

At the end of each meeting, one hour is dedicated to workshops of media production. Among the final products, informative banners, posters and radio programs stand out. All of the actions are made by young people to young people.