Viração Magazine

Founded in March, 2003, the Viração Magazine is a publication produced by a network of young contributors from 22 states in Brazil and the Federal District. The magazine was created to fullfill a need: the inexistence of a publication aiming the young readers and that involved the youth in its production.

Today, through the content production from young to young, the project promotes the defense of youth rights and conects young people. The publications treat themes such as human rights, communication, youth, culture, life style and climate change. 

Since it´s founding, the Viração Magazine had lots of periodicities, it was even published monthly. Nowadays it is semestral, thematic and has free distribution, in order to expand Viração´s online content production (Youth Press Agency).

Got interested? Read the magazine here (in portuguese).

Youth Press Agency

The Youth Press Agency, or Agência Jovem de Notícias (AJN) in portuguese, aims to promote active citizenship among youth, through communication and mobilization actions and products. The adolecents and young people are reporteres, photographers, editors and interviewrs. They accomplish activities called educommunication coverages in which  they produce news articles about events and ongoings, while guided by Viração´s professionals. 

The program was founded in 2011 as an extention to Viração Magazine, but nowadays is an independent project.  It´s a daily news agency thought by and executed by young people, for other young people. There are 10 young correspondents from seven brazilian states, and five adults that contributes monthly fot the website. They produce content related to human rights, politics, gender and sexuality, life style, cinema, culture, literature and climate change. 

Apart from thebrazilian site, the agency has expanded internationally. In 2016, was created the Youth Press Agency website, in which all news are in English and produced by young people from 10 different countries.