The painter Pablo Picasso once said that the first dot in a painting is the most difficult part. A dot, a draw, a masterpiece. In Viração’s case: a word, a page, a magazine. It all started here, a social printed project. A magazine made for and with adolescents and youth from all over Brazil. And these first words embodied in the project came to life in March of 2003 from the slogan: Change, attitude and boldness Young. Another Paulo, but from Brazil this time, said that “first we execute, then we name it”. Yes, Paulo Freire, one of our Sources of inspiration, had reason. We were executing, unsure of where it would take us. Viração born as a personal initiative, but with time it became a collective work. First, as a magazine, with the legal support of the Comboni Missionaries and the Association named Support The Girls and Boys in the region Sé.

The project has grown and several organizations told us to irradiate our way of making educommunication in other areas, such as: Consortium of Social Youth, Schools, NGOs, churches, departments of governments and ministries.

The “Virajovens” were spreading as “Maria-scoundrel” in a garden. In this process, we always believed in the force of “collaborative” and “cooperative” work. So we build partnerships with organizations that also assume the cause of free communication.

The environment that generated Viração was very delight. We were packed by the great novelty to be represented at the World Social Forum. We were packed by the first Lula government. It was March 2003.

But it was not easy to get here. We heard many “noes”. There were many lean times. We presented Viração to potential lenders and enrolled sustainability projects in various procurements. Every negative answer, we bought a vase of flowers or plants to ease the frustration and transmute the feeling left by the closed door. But the doors and windows have gradually been opening. We began being known and recognized in Brazil and abroad; in the academic environment and in the social movement that advocates the democratization of culture and communication.

This little life story lives up to the word “Viração”, which means, among so many meanings, “turns action”, “survive fierce way,” “work,”. And it is noteworthy that, after nearly eight years, we continue to be an indefinite process, unfinished, in constant movement of renewal and innovation.