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Mude com Elas – Multi-stakeholders overcoming gender and racial inequality

An initiative implemented in partnership by Ação Educativa, AHK São Paulo – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Germany in São Paulo and the Terres des Hommes Germany office in São Paulo, with the support of Viração Educomunicação.

The objective is to contribute to addressing racial, economic and gender inequality that affect the integration of young people into the labor market by creating a partnership involving civil society, the public and the private sectors capable of mapping scenarios and outlining strategies that unfold into public policies, initiatives and the implementation of good practices to improve the chances of young black women entering the labor market and accessing opportunities. The Agenda proposes as priorities: more and better education; reconciling studies, work and family life; active and dignified integration into the labor market with equal opportunities and treatment; and social dialogue.

Viração acts as a partner in producing content and publicizing the activities promoted by MUDE com Elas through the Youth Press Agency.

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