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Programa de Aprendizagem Socioemocional – #PAS

The Socioemotional Learning Program – #PAS – is an initiative of the Education Department of the Municipality of Niterói aimed at reducing and preventing violence in the school context through the development of socioemotional competencies. The program is part of the public policy Pacto Niterói Against Violence within the scope of the Peace School Program.

In this sense, the PAS seeks to contribute to both the Pacto Niterói Against Violence and the Pedagogical Political Project of each municipal school unit in Niterói which, as part of the educational system, must offer a safe space where students can complete their basic education, develop cognitive and socioemotional skills and relevant competencies for their lives. The program also aims to increase the resilience levels of the student body so that students can overcome the daily adversities they face and thus improve their academic outcomes.

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