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Geração que Move SP

Funder: UNICEF Brazil

The Geração que Move initiative emerged from a partnership between UNICEF Brazil and the Abertis and Arteris Foundations. The project was implemented by Viração in São Paulo and by the Agency of Networks for Youth in Rio de Janeiro. Aligned with SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, its main objective was to discuss the challenges, impacts and discriminations faced by peripheral adolescents and young people regarding access to rights provided for in the Youth Statute and the Child and Adolescent Statute, focusing on issues related to the right to the city. It also aimed to promote safe access to education, health, protection, culture, sports and leisure services through sustainable strategies proposed and implemented by adolescents.

Initially, the project was planned to take place in person through formative meetings, field trips, city tours and urban occupation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was necessary to rethink and adapt the activities that had been previously planned to the virtual environment.

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