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Digaê! – juventude, comunicação e cidade

The Digaê Program – youth, communication and cities – implemented in partnership with UN Habitat and the Pólis Institute is aimed at the training and community engagement of youth living in the favelas of Maceió/AL through processes, actions and communication products based on Educommunication, Peer Education and Design Thinking.

By mobilizing, engaging and training adolescents and young people, Digaê seeks to promote citizenship and foster community engagement among other adolescents and young people living in the favelas of Maceió and discuss the right to the city, communication and media experimentation connected to the 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda. It also seeks to facilitate training and media experimentation processes that directly contribute to those territories. Throughout the cycle, participating young people are invited to create multimedia communication products and carry out projects and interventions in the field of communication aimed at community transformation and also to engage in the creation of a Community Communication Agency.

The communication materials created during the training will compose a Collection of Memories, which will be published in book format at the end of the project.

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