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Combinado Coletivo

Funder: UNESCO

Combinado Coletivo for the Promotion of LGBTQIA+ Sexual Health is a project that sought to talk to gay, trans, travesti and MSM (men who have sex with men) adolescents and young people aged 15 to 24 living in São Paulo City about issues regarding combination HIV prevention and other sexually transmitted infections, emotional health, building support networks and training young multipliers.

At the end of the training cycle the groups (divided into arts and communication nuclei) were mobilized to create, with technical support and supervision from the project team, a series of 16 pieces of educommunicative contents for social networks – cards, videos, texts and podcasts – which present, in a youthful and diverse language, the multiple discussions fostered during the workshops. The group also supported the production of content for 3 infocenters disseminated by the U-Report Brazil chatbot, covering combination HIV prevention, confronting stigmas and positive experiences and STIs and HIV, in addition to participating in the project’s virtual exhibition.

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