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Escola de Cidadania para Adolescentes

An initiative by Viração aimed at strengthening participation and promoting the human rights of adolescents and young people. It is based on the understanding of adolescents and young people as subjects of rights, in a unique stage of development and with the potential to intervene creatively and positively in society.

The ECA program has been implemented in the cities of São Paulo, Belém (in partnership with the Instituto Universidade Popular – UNIPOP) and Recife (in partnership with Auçuba Comunicação e Educação). It is also carried out in international cooperation and is funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The topics of the training cycles range from democracy, civic participation and human rights, affective mapping of territories, discussions on markers of difference such as class, race, gender and sexuality to technical workshops that mobilize the development and implementation of community intervention actions.

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