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Revista Viração

Founded in March 2003, Revista Viração (Viração Magazine) is a publication produced by a network of young contributors from 22 states in Brazil, as well as the Federal District. Through peer-to-peer content production, Revista Viração promotes and advocates for the Right to Participation, and connects young people through a national network.

The publications address themes that are relevant to young people, such as Human Rights, communication, youth, culture, life style, gender and sexuality, sexual health, and climate change. All aiming to create awareness and amplify peers’ repertoire. The magazine is distributed free of charge and is now published every six months.

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Agência Jovem de Notícias

Can you imagine a group of young people as reporters, editors, photographers and interviewers? Well, we can! And that’s why Youth Press Agency (YPA) exists - to promote active citizenship through the use of educommunication methods. With the help of our Education and Communications teams, adolescents and youth produce content to the Youth Press Agency online portal, covering different agendas from their own perspective.

Besides the virtual space, YPA offers trainings on communication tools and human rights, bringing together adolescents and youth from different parts of the city of São Paulo. The participants can also promote educommunication coverages and are encouraged to participate in communication campaigns. The YPA has an international branch which articulates young colaborators in ten countries, and the website is translated to both Spanish and Italian, besides Portugues and English.

Access our portal to see the world though the eyes of boys and girls around Brazil.