Who We Are



We believe in the power of the collective production of knowledge. One of our fronts is the non-formal education, all of our educational activities are focused on communications, human rights and citizen participation, seeking both the aprehension of communications techniques and the expansion of socio-cultural and political repertoire.

To multiply our methodologies, we hold trainings and courses for teachers, educommunicators and popular educators. We also provide consulting services in educommunication for schools, organizations and private companies.


Communication is a Human Right. Therefore, besides receiving information people also have the right to produce and promote information, opinion and ideias. however, that’s only possible once you have access to the technical and material means for it.

That’s why we mobilize and advocate teens and youth around the country and around the world to produce communication. The production of content by, with and for adolescentes and youth is an important dimension of our work, once it enables the exercise of freedom of speech and the human right to communicate.

We also believe in communication as a political act. Therefore, by producing communication, adolescents and youth can bring their own perspective on issues that they care about, effectively participating and getting involved.

That’s why we develop special products using educommunication methods and involving different actors along the process, such as non profit organizations, public institucions and youth groups.

Take a look at some of our educommunication products!

Advocacy & Mobilization

The ideia that boys and girls should be actively involved in the decisions surrounding their lives and communities has grown and strengthened in Brazil. This effort certainly converges to the acts and movements of adolescents and youth themselves, who advocate for their spaces through different ways of expressing their demands and opinions.

However, wether or not this population will actually be involved in decision making processes is still a challenge. Either because of lack of structure, methodology, or an open dialog, overcoming these challenges is as hard as it is fundamental to the strengthening of our democracy, and to the overcoming of the vulnerabilities which affect the lives of young people around the world.

That’s why we act to advocate and mobilize! Through our programs and projects we value peer education, thus teens and young people themselves can facilitate and multiply actions. They organize their peers around issues such as Communications Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Rights, and Children and Adolescentes Rights.