Areas of Activity

When Viração was founded in 2003 the idea was to create a magazine made by, with and from teenagers and young people from all over Brazil, produced based on the principles of Educommunication and inspired by Paulo Freire’s Liberating Education. A “printed social project” was born, which soon branched out with the creation of the Youth Press Agency in 2005 during the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre.

These ideas grew over the years and what were once projects were transformed into a civil society organization. Throughout this time, many hands and minds supported the creation of products, projects and mobilization actions throughout Brazil and abroad. Actions that helped foster essential discussions for ensuring the human right to communication for children, adolescents and youth.

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Educommunication is a theoretical and methodological paradigm that brings together a set of practices aimed at developing open, democratic and creative communicative ecosystems in cultural, media and educational spaces — both formal (schools), non-formal (developed by NGOs) and informal (media focused on education). These practices are mediated by the languages and resources of communication, arts and information technology, ensuring conditions for learning and for the practical exercise of freedom of expression.


Communication is an important dimension of Viração’s methodology, as the production of multimedia communication pieces and content by and for adolescents and young people makes it possible to put the lessons learned in training into practice and deliberately exercise the human right to communication and freedom of expression.


We mobilize adolescents, young people and educators both to grasp communication production techniques, raise awareness and expand their sociocultural repertoire on human rights, politics and civic participation, valuing peer-to-peer actions in conducting activities and also collective and network action.


We work in research, training, development and creation of methodologies, production of learning and teaching materials and other activities aimed at supporting the work of international bodies and agencies, institutions, civil society organizations, education professionals, collectives and other stakeholders in the field of Human Rights, Communication and Educommunication for adolescents and young people.

Viração & Jangada

Since 2016, Viração has been operating with its own legal structure in Italy, Viração&Jangada, resulting from the merger between Viração Educommunication and Associação Jangada, which had already existed for over 20 years. The organization serves as the international arm of the Brazilian headquarters.

It promotes projects in the Trentino-Alto Adige region and in 3 regions of Italy (Trentino-Alto Adige, Puglia and Sicily). Since 2010, Viração&Jangada has been coordinating the European project Let’s Take Care of the Planet, carried out in partnership with the National Research Center of Bologna (Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche – CNR).

In partnership with three other social organizations in Trentino, Viração&Jangada has designed and is coordinating the solidarity economy educommunicative project “Ecosportello – Fa’ la cosa giusta! Trento”, which promotes the values of the solidarity economy in the region through activities in schools and public places and through the website

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