About Us

Viração is a social organization that has been working on Educommunication and social mobilization projects since 2003.

Our mission is to connect, inspire, and engage girls, boys, and non-binary youth in the construction of a just, sustainable, and plural society.

The activities we develop encourage adolescents and young people to participate in discussion spaces about human rights through processes, interventions, and communication products structured in an interdisciplinary and complementary approach.


More than 5 Million Adolescents Mobilized

In these two decades of activity, our projects have reached over 5 million adolescents and young people across Brazil, Latin America, and Italy, discussing topics such as the environment, health, politics and civic participation, diversity, gender equality, and sexuality.

Our Vision

For us, adolescents and young people with guaranteed rights participate positively in the transformation of the world. We contribute to this transformation by inspiring and connecting adolescents and young people to build a just, participatory, and plural society.

Years of Experience
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Adolescents Mobilized
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States and the Federal District in Brazil
Countries in the Americas and Europe

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