Invisible Children in Climate Negotiations

The United Nations Climate Conference represents a new opportunity for children to have their rights, including the right to participate, integrated into climate action. by Paulo Lima A growing number of children are being forced to leave their homes due to extreme weather events. So far, they have remained largely invisible and often unprotected. As […]

What Connects (In)Gender Equality and the Climate Crisis?

The climate crisis affects the lives, health, and rights of people worldwide, but women are among the social groups experiencing greater climate injustices. by Francesca Roseo Climate change significantly impacts the lives, health, and rights of millions worldwide. Earth’s climate and ecosystems are undergoing transformations due to anthropogenic emissions and alterations, leading to both rising […]

Two decades of much more than a magazine

Over 20 years, Viração Magazine has followed the transformations in digital culture and politics, expanding and branching out into new participation processes and educommunication products. By Bruno Ferreira, Vice President of Viração Educommunication Twenty years ago, the world was still crawling and marveling at the possibilities that the internet offered us to communicate with different […]

Youth Press Agency: communication, creativity, and power

A panoramic view of the International Collaborative Journalism Program’s history in Viração’s 20 Years. By Monise Berno, Communication Coordinator at Viração and Coordinator of the Youth Press Agency in Brazil. In the wake of Viração’s early years emerged the idea to create, with a small group of adolescents and young representatives of Viração at the […]

Viração Educomunicação: 20 years of mobilization and transformation with youth

By Ramona Azevedo, Communication Analyst at Viração Viração Educomunicação celebrates two decades in 2023. Our journey has been built with hope, creativity and a lot of determination. We believe in the importance of active youth voices in society and our focus is on supporting the agency of girls, boys and non-binary people, providing formative spaces […]

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