Learning from the past,
reflecting on the present and
organizing the future

How it all started

Paulo Lima, a dreamer from Lagamar, a favela in Fortaleza, experienced the challenges of being a black man in a society where representation, voice and rights are often denied. He noticed that traditional media and the educational system frequently failed to portray and address the realities experienced by young people.

This realization was the personal and professional motivation that fueled the creation of Viração Magazine in 2003, a printed social project dedicated to portraying another Brazil, educating and informing youth for the exercise of the right to communication. It reflected the real face of organized civil society with a clear political choice: to stand by children, adolescents and young people.

From the beginning, Viração faced significant challenges and had to deal with extremely delicate situations. Despite the obstacles, it was possible to create a national network of adolescents and young people for active and affective participation that gained momentum and became a social organization focused on conceptualizing and implementing projects and programs aimed at mobilizing and empowering children, adolescents, and young people to exercise their human rights and achieve a more just and diverse society.

Explore some milestones from these 20 years of work in this timeline!

For me, Pra Brilhar is the beginning of a new journey I’ve embarked upon in my life. One of autonomy, self-care, self-love, understanding of who I really am, growth in information, knowledge, engagement, professional life. Viração was a find for me!

Samantha Almeida

Young educommunicator and cook, participant of the PositHIVe Educommunicative Agency "Pra Brilhar".

I’ve been with Vira since 2018/2019 and I always talk about it with so much affection: it was the first social organization I joined and it continues to transform my life to this day. It’s extremely important for my development as a young communicator, activist and advocate. My participation is mainly in YPA (Youth Press Agency) AJN and I love it. It’s my home, where I feel heard, welcomed and where my voice is heard and valued! Thanks, Vira, we’re together! 💖

Geovana Nogueira

Young communicator from the Youth Press Agency and the MUDE com Elas project.

Being part of the Youth Press Agency allows me to look at my surroundings and talk about what affects me. If there was something that left a mark on me, it was receiving a message from one of my sisters saying she had never heard about climate change and that she would pay more attention to the topic. In the end, Vira shows how education has the potential for transformation, and being part of that is beautiful!

Vitor Ranieri

Young communicator from the Youth Press Agency BR

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