Educommunication workshops take over São Paulo city

From April on, Viração will promote educommunication workshops in São Paulo city regions. It will be 4 meetings in each of the districts. The events will encourage discussions about human and youth rights, media and communication among adolescents between 14 and 17 years old. In the end of the workshops, they will make educommunicative interventions in their districts.

The meetings start this thursday (30), at 3pm, in Bloco do Beco, a cultural associacion in the south region of the city. About 30 adolescents will take part in the workshops, that will happen every thursday of the month.

The iniciative is part of the project Agencia Jovem de Notícias (Youth Press Agency), that aims to promote citizenship among young people, through social mobilization processes, actions and communication products.

Also, the project produces a news website, created and supported by young people from all over the country.

Agencia Jovem de Notícias promotes workshops in the center of the city as well. The other places and dates of meetings will be publhised soon.


For more information contact Elisangela Cordeiro