Throughout its history, Viração built methodologies and features ways to Educommunication .

Here you also find systematizations of workshops developed from Vira, also theses and dissertations on Educommunication and Viração.


  • Educommunication & Speeches: the adult speech reported by young, by Bruno Ferreira, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, 2014. Work completion of the course in Specialization in Educational Communication: Communication, Media and Education, which analyzes the methodology of so-called “educomunicative coverage” and its role on mobilizing potential of teenagers.  Check out the thesis.


  • Viração: Epistemological of Educommunication experience, by Amanda Proetti, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, 2011. Work completion developed under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Ismar de Oliveira Soares and presented as a prerequisite tool for obtaining title in specialist in Gestcom – Communication Management: Policies, Education and Culture. Check out the thesis.


  • The challenge of using journalistic communication for the promotion of children and youth rights: one of the magazine content analysis Viração and its social impact, by Ricardo Carvalho, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, 2010. Monograph of Course Specialization in Social Journalism, requirement for the degree of specialist in Social Journalism. Check out the thesis.


  • Magazine Viração: A printed social project, Claudia Lago and Izabel Leão, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, 2004. Academic article published in the journal Education and Communication.  Check out the thesis.


  • Communication and Education: Interfaces and experiences, by Camila Caringe, Universidade São Judas Tadeu, São Paulo, 2008. Research report presented to the Scientific Initiation System Research Center at the University São Judas Tadeu, as a partial requirement of the Research Activities.  Check out the thesis.


  • Change attitude, boldness: The  youth in the Journal Viração, by Clarissa Diniz Diogenes, University of Fortaleza. Fortaleza, 2008. Monograph. Course of Social Communication.  Check out the thesis.


Our publications

Viração launched, in 2010, the Educommunication Guide – concepts and practices of Viração , a manual with the systematization of ideas, methods, definitions and values that guide its activities . In addition to the Guide , in this space , you find the “Mão na Roda”, a journal guide of Viração and Youth Press Agency, with tips on how to structure texts for magazines and websites , as well as teaching how to establish and organize a youth council (virajovem) in any Brazilian city.